Daily Archives: August 1, 2006


I’m getting rid of Norton Anti-virus. My automatic update subscription has run out and I don’t want to renew it again. I’ve been using Norton for nearly 10 years now so it’s the end of an era. Replacing it with AVG (free version). All computer software should be free anyway.

Abstract, Footnotes, and bl00dy Word

Two problems with my thesis remain:

(1) I have to write an abstract of 300 words. This shouldn’t be too hard. I wrote 150 words as part of a job application two days ago and it’s not a lot. Might be a bit of a problem to squeeze my 100000 words (volume of thesis) into 300 but there you go. I’m going to try and write it on Thursday and will report here how it went.

(2) Footnotes!! Word!! These two don’t go together too well. After finally solving the Document map problem (here’s how), I’m now bothered by the footnotes going all over the place and certainly not on the page where they’re supposed to be. One author suggests to “not to make your footnotes too long and avoid having two or more very close together (in case they are both positioned on the same line of text …)”. W00t? I NEED some of the footnotes to be long. I think it’s M$’ responsibility to write software that actually functions properly. I’m going to try and solve this (once I’ve written the abstract, see above) and will use Using Microsoft Word for a Thesis as a guideline. Here’s hoping..

Downloading Porn With Dave or How People Find My Blog

This blog has only existed just over a week, but I already have quite a lot of traffic. Why’s that, you may wonder? It’s because I accidentally mentioned the Imogen (BB UK contestant) sex tape in one of my first posts, when talking about YouTube and Dailymotion and video on the web. The way people get to this blog is by searching for Imogen’s sex tape. Here’s this blog’s search term stats from the last two days:

Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your blog.


Search Views
Imogen sex film 1
imogen sex tape 1


Search Views
imogen sex tape 13
a life after advertising career 2
imogen sex tape watch online 1
imogen sex tape free 1
imogen big brother sex video 1

this should now increase my traffic even more. To all the anonymous people who arrive here using any of the above terms: Can you please leave a comment? Would be excellent.

BTW: Downloading Porn with Dave is a song by the Moldy Peaches. I wonder if it will attract similar traffic, i.e. ‘ download porn ‘ or whatever. I’ll keep you posted…

PS: I read today (here) that YouTube has overtaken MySpace as the community website of choice.

PPS: The reason why there are only a few entries in Today’s search terms is that I’m writing this in the morning (just after 10AM GMT).