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Another job interview

I meant to say that I have another job interview, likely on August 16th. Here’s the email:

We are hoping to conduct a new set of interviews on Wednesday 16th August. Would 2.00-2.50pm or 2.40-3.30pm be suitable for you (the time includes 20 minute test and 30 minute interview as noted in the original letter)?

Best wishes?

NB Best wishes questionmark? I hope those wishes are heartfelt.

Binding and what to do with my spare time (??)

had an email from my supervisor the other day. It looks like I can just go to the Uni’s print room for binding. I’m so uninformed :(. I’m the least involved (in Uni going-ons) PhD student ever. My supervisor wrote

The Print room here can bind it for you for a small fee, they’re used to the format. They’ll comb bind it. i’ll catch up with [deleted] to confirm a date for a meeting but the 16th will be off as I’m getting older on that day.

All good. Looks like I have a couple of weeks to do nothing at all. Anyone got any suggestions as to what I could do? Maybe go to some art exhibitions. Or finally continue playing Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones. I could jot down some ideas regarding a paper for this journal on convergence. Get wasted. Continue reading Ulysses.

Actually I think I should do cultural stuff, some visual and mental stimulation without any demands to have to intellectualise it. I’ve got at least all of next week off, apart from Tuesday (8th) daytime. Will definitely go to a couple of exhibitions and get out of the house.

Imogen Sex Tape Update Stats

EDIT: Someone has provided a link to the tape! PEOPLE: your visit to this blog hasn’t been in vain. Clicky.

it’s 12:24pm so fairly early in the day. Here are the stats for my blog – the porn thing seems to work (including the words ‘porn’ and ‘sex’ in your post to increase traffic as discussed a few days ago). That’s enough though, no more updates on this story. We all get the picture.




Downloading Porn With Dave or How People


Call for Papers – Special Issue on ‘Conv





Downloading Porn With Dave or How People


Call for Papers – Special Issue on ‘Convergence Culture’

From: Jason Wilson [mailto:jason.wilson@LUTON.AC.UK]
Sent: 03 August 2006 15:47
Subject: Convergence CFP – Special Issue “Convergence Culture”

(Apologies for x-posting)

Call for Papers – Special Issue on ‘Convergence Culture’

Vol 14 no 1. February 2008

Guest editors:
Mark Deuze, Indiana University (mdeuze@indiana.edu
<mailto:mdeuze@indiana.edu> )
Henry Jenkins, MIT (henry3@mit.edu <mailto:henry3@mit.edu> )
This call invites submissions for a special issue on ‘Convergence
Culture’: the worldwide emergence of increasingly collaborative
practices between media producers and consumers. Examples are television
fan sites, game modifications (‘mods’) and machinema, citizen
journalism, interactive advertising and word-of-mouth marketing,
transmedia storytelling (for example using games, movies, television,
websites and comics), and so on. Convergence culture is both a top-down
corporate-driven process and a bottom-up consumer-driven process. Media
companies are learning how to accelerate the flow of media content
across delivery channels to expand revenue opportunities, broaden
markets and reinforce viewer commitments. Consumers are learning how to
use these different media technologies to bring the flow of media more
fully under their control and to interact with other users. We welcome
submissions from a variety of disciplinary, theoretical and
methodological backgrounds exploring the changing role and organization
of work and productivity in the cultural and creative industries under
the influence of convergence culture, as well as on creative processes
initiated by or involving the people formerly known as the audience.
Specific topics and issues to be covered in this special issue for
example are:

* Case studies of media companies adopting convergence culture;

* Case studies of specific fan communities and their relationships
with media producers;

* explorations of transmedia storytelling, viral marketing, and
Alternate Reality;

* Gaming as forms that tap the emerging relations between media
producers and consumers;

* Mapping of ethical, political, economical and cultural changes
and challenges in an emerging convergence culture;

* Quantitative and/or qualitative empirical work on the
production, content, and/or consumption of media messages in the context
of convergence culture;

* Research focusing on convergence culture in the context of
specific media industries (such as: computer and video games,
advertising, journalism, television);

* International comparative work on convergence culture in media

Submissions addressing the special issue theme are invited to the
following sections: Debates which are short polemics (usually 1000-3000
words); Articles which are refereed case study research articles
(7000-11,000 words); Feature Reports which offer a critical overview of
current research by reviewing a conference, exhibition or festival
(4000-8000 words). Any inquiries concerning the Reviews section (which
covers books, exhibitions, conferences, CD-ROMs, websites etc) should be
directed to the regular reviews editor Jason Wilson
(jason.wilson@luton.ac.uk <mailto:jason.wilson@luton.ac.uk> ).
Submissions should be formatted using the Harvard reference method. Full
details of referencing style and guidelines can be found on the journal
website at http://convergence.luton.ac.uk
<http://convergence.luton.ac.uk> /.
Proposals for papers should be directed to the editors. The deadline for
submission of research articles is February 1st, 2007. The special issue
will be published (by SAGE) in February 2008.

Jason Wilson

Reviews Editor – Convergence

School of Media, Art and Design
University of Luton
Park Square
United Kingdom

T +44 (0)1582 489114
F +44 (0)1582 489212
M 07886508141
jason.wilson@luton.ac.uk <mailto:jason.wilson@luton.ac.uk>