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Escort Service for LADIES in Edinburgh

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Escort Service for LADIES in EdinburghWhy not really treat yourslf when you visit Edinburgh?
Please visit my site for full details:


My clients tend to be business women, who enjoy my company and caring nature. I like my clients to feel important, because they are. Its not unusual for me to watch the sunrise with my clients, to capture the poetry, the pure romance of the moment.
I am very selective in the ladies that I date, because I aim to have a great time, ensuring that they know that the evening was more than a job, and I deliver that all elusive Boyfriend Experience. I will consider a lady of any age, as I believe age is not an important issue.

As for sex… well… I LOVE IT! I am very broad minded and enjoy living out people’s fantasies. I am an absolute gentlemen in public, but when I get behind closed doors I can become whatever you may desire!

I live a respectable life and work hard. For this reason, my face in the photos are obscured. I do put a limit on the number of ladies that I see and I do like to get to know a little about you before we meet. I enjoy getting very intimate as we get to know each other more. I tend to bring out the best in people and even very shy ladies are soon put at ease.
Go ahead and treat yourself to a wonderful time with a very sensual, affectionate and incredibly sexy man. You owe it to yourself! YOU WONT BE DISAPOINTED!

Festival Special Offer! – Considering how tired you will be following walking around Edinburgh looking at all the wonderful sites, I will include a full half hour massage for FREE when you book any duration! Normal cost is: £35.00.

Please give the man some work! He’s made a REAL EFFORT with his website.
lenina 😛

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