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Systaime 02

Thesis Inbox



to me
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Hey ,

I saw you diffuse the mails .

May i read your thesis ?

Is it Possible ?

Maximum Respect by Systaime



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Webfilm Theory
to Systaime
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yes, was also meant to put the pic in (your pic) but not sure whether you want your details public/published? privacy versus death. It’s possible to read the thesis but only in 2 months’ time, after all my examinations are over (I don’t think I can publish it beforehand as I haven’t officially got my doctorate yet). keep in touch xxx

Blogging as Academic Object of Study

There’s a guy from Edinburgh University who’s written his PhD thesis on Blogging. His Uni website is here and his blog (accompanying his PhD) is here. There’s also a direct link to his PhD thesis in pdf format: The Language of Weblogs: A study of genre and individual differences.  Well done Scott on successfully defending your thesis in December 2005. I’ll be reading bits of your blog over the next few weeks as I myself enter the final phase (submission and Viva). thanks 🙂 .

Blogging on the Edinburgh Fringe

I’ve been wanting to write a review on this Bloggers show that I saw a few days ago (on Monday I think). Before that, a quick list of shows on blogging on this year’s Fringe Festival:

(1) The aforementioned Bloggers: Real Internet Diaries

Typing alone, talking to the world… Eleven true stories from real people’s diaries. In bedrooms, boardrooms and cafes, Britain’s bloggers pour out their hearts on-line. Smart, dark and comic verbatim theatre. Over 18s only.

(2) Blogging

An intimate and uplifting play bringing the immediacy of modern communication up against the age old twists and turns that are life’s journey. Three generations of women, one man, finding the essence in presence, humour, passion, soul…

(3) Girl Blog from Iraq: Baghdad Burning

An international cast brings to life the up to the minute recreation of one young Iraqi’s internet journal. A vivid and astonishing account of a modern woman trapped in a war zone.

(4) Janey Godley’s BLOG – LIVE! [her website is here and her blog here.]

Two years blogging. Mad marriage revelations. Kazakhstan stalkers. George Clooney in a toilet.

And that’s it! I got the tickets for the first show by accident (free tickets on the Royal Mile) and so went to see it. I’ll write the review as a separate entry so as not to confuse things. Articles on blogging shows on the Fringe (further reading):

– in the Scotsman: Opening an Anne Frank’s diary for the blogging generation

– on the Beeb website: Blogs in focus at Festival Fringe

I don’t know whether I’ll see any of the other shows. If, like the Bloggers show, it’s just actors and actresses acting out personal blogs in multiple monologues, I’m not interested.