Daily Archives: August 11, 2006

Futureheads – ‘Hounds of Love’

love this song!

[fuck, the embed isn’t working… will rectify it tomorrow]

edit: 14th August 06: apparently there is a problem with inserting youtube contents directly into wordpress. See article here.

I’m going to follow the author’s instructions and try and embed the futureheads video that way. Bascially, all you need to do is enter this into the post editor (NOT into the html code):

[ youtube=http://youtube.com/w/?v=ZLzurVpoqeM] – Obviously remove the space between the first square bracket and youtube, and replace the letters after the w/ with the letters of whatever video you want to display.

Help Revive Dead Blogs

I’m going to compose a short paragraph to all dead blogs and, when blog-surfing (is there a special term for blog-surfing?), I’ll comment / communicate / paste the same paragraph to all dead blogs that have been left untouched for, say, 3 months. The comment will be added to the ‘About’ section of the dead blog.

Reason for this: Recent articles (over the last couple of days) I read regarding ‘amazing’ Blog stats. Including:

Jack Schofield’s Two Blogs Created Every Second…


Bobby Johnson’s Are There Really 50 Million Blogs in Existence?

So, to relieve my boredom and also to contact people who’s blogs are dead or who have never had a comment, I’ll try and revive dead blogs as and when I come across them. All I need now is a short ‘Mission Statement’ that I can use in the comment. It has to be very generalised as it has to fit every and any blog, but at the same time it’s got to be friendly, warm, and personal, so that I don’t come across as some sad weirdo. Hehe. Will post what is to be the comment as separate post, ‘Mission Statement’.

Obligatory Blog Check-In 060811

Morning. I’m a bit tired today and want the day all to myself, so I’m not going to write anything apart from this. This post is only to ‘check in’ for the day. Downstairs is listening to REALLY LOUD music.

Yesterday I saw Just another Sunday. Quite boring, but people were laughing. My routine this week has been the following:

08:26 – Alarm goes off and I set it to 09:06

09:20 – I get up

09:20 – 11:30: Drink 2 mugs of tea, watch Jeremy Kyle, eat two pieces of toast, write this blog. General Online activity.

11:30 – Get ready to go out.

12:00 – Leave for the Royal Mile. A good 30-minute walk from here.

12:30 – Meet up with Steven. Walk up and down Royal Mile. Blag free tickets to shows.

13:15 – Sit in a pub, drink one pint of Cider, decide on what show(s) to go to (out of free tickets choice).

13:30 – 16:00 – Watch show(s)

16:00 – walk back home. Get ready for work

17:00 – 00:00 – Work (over Internet)

Today I’m working the same hours, but during the day I’m just going to relax. Bathe, read, also I’m going to Portobello library to take out Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace.

Tonight it’s Big Brother eviction. Though BB has been very boring and I haven’t been watching it much. Downstairs is playing really loud music. I have to turn the telly up.