Daily Archives: August 14, 2006

How to Email Large Files

I’ve been trying to email my friend Katherine a large file […] so I don’t have to send it in the post. I’ve done it once successfully using yousendit, only that she didn’t download it in time and also lost the email she received from them. The other day, I wanted to send it using yousendit again (for the same file), only to find out that their limit is now 100MB! File size is just over 300MB. Yousendit used to have a 1GB limit only a week or so ago! What’s happened there? They’re now charging if you want to send larger files than that – just under $5 per month. For me though that’s not an option. Internet and paying money just don’t go together.

Anyhow, I’ve been looking into the alternatives and (without researching it too extensively) have found two other file sending sites. One is dropload, and the other one pando. As dropload has the same silly 100MB limit I’m just now trying pando. pando’s still got 1GB limit and, though I’ve had to download their software, so far it’s all looking good. Now I just need to get my friend to bloody download the thing once she’s got it. Luddites eh?

WordPress HTML Source Editor – WordWrap not as Default

I’ve been wondering why the WordPress HTML source editor doesn’t have word wrap ticked as default. I tend to have to edit the source code frequently due to WordPress bugs (such as not starting a new paragraph but using a line break instead, not inserting links, etc.) and it’s a bit bothersome to always have to tick Word wrap. I mean, is there any good (technical) reason why word wrap would be unticked as default, and not ticked?

It’s not the end of the world. I just think that it would make things a bit smoother. Alternatively, the ‘design view’ editor could be a bit better and have more options, e.g. different fonts. When pasting from different sources, it sometimes pastes the font face as well and I have to go and manually change it. If the user had more control in the design editor then maybe one wouldn’t have to go and use the html source editor as often.