Daily Archives: August 24, 2006

Obligatory Blog Check-In 060824

People! This one will be short and sweet as my head is all fuzzy. There’s some potential development on the professional front which might render yesterday’s post (re: writing a novel) totally irrelevant. I may join the evil corporate world. I don’t want to go into detail. I’m keeping my options open for now but not looking forward to being faced with major decisions. Anyway, we’ll see what happens.

Tonight is the Muse gig at Meadowbank stadium, which I’m rather looking forward to. I’ll have to pick up some people shortly after 5pm and then we’ll go back to mine from where it’s just a short walking distance. I won’t be taking my camera so there won’t be any pics; also, I intend to go right into the crowd as they do have some really good chunes to get into. Plus I need to get rid of my fuzziness and brain overdrive and a gig is just the right medicine 😉

Bye for now 🙂