Daily Archives: August 26, 2006

Lists Lists Lists

I function well in a structured environment. One strategy to self-structure my life is via lists. The next few days I’ll be very busy, which is why I’m quickly going to create a list here that I can work with.

Sunday 27/08/06:

  • 9-10AM: prepare for PhD meeting (write down notes, questions, etc. – also progress report?)
  • 10-11AM: write response to Blog PR criticism; finish post on online video news (hopefully)

Monday 28/08/06

  • 10AM: Final PhD meeting with my supervisors
  • PM: buy shirt or blouse for interview
  • PM: pick up electronic ticket from Waverley
  • PM: make GP appointment

Tuesday 29/08/06

  • 9AM-10.20AM: prepare for job interview
  • 10.20-10.50AM: read new manuals
  • PM: arrange for taxi for Wednesday AM
  • 6.30PM: pick up trousers from tailor’s

There’s some other stuff scribbled into my diary and I’ll just need to cross-reference. The above however is a good starting point. Now all I need to do is to set my blog as my homepage 😉

Critical Comment on ‘How To Increase Blog Traffic’

yes/no, I received a rather critical comment on my post ‘How to Increase Blog Traffic’. I’m going to reproduce it here and will give it some proper attention soon, as I think it deserves it:

I was diverted here via your flagrant violation of the principles of the ditigal age. The internet is where i come for the ability to choose the media that I consume, if you are going to misdirect traffic thereby destroying my ability to choose, you are not only diminishing me as a person but compromising the blog’s position as alternative, pluralistic media, the media of choice and voice, something i presume that you, as a blogger, hold dear.

Similarly this whole ‘PR’ angle reeks of egoistic self-promotion. Rather than articulating a voice this method is akin to shouting in a stranger’s face, not to promote discussion and dialogue but to instead simply be noticed. To compare surfers to ‘shit thrown at a wall’ is frankly pretty abhorrent. To compare your blog to a wall would only be accurate if the wall in question were blank, poorly-constructed and built without permission in the middle of someone’s garden.

I’ll deal with it. Soon.

edit: [mocking]why did the commentator call themselves violated06?[/mocking]