Daily Archives: August 28, 2006

PhD – Final Meeting 060828

Yes, it’s just taken place. The final meeting (before submission) of my PhD thesis. It took a bit over two hours and was overall quite satisfactory. There’s nothing majorly wrong with it (thankfully) and I will be able to submit it as it is. However I need to make some minor amendments and in particular, in the Discussion section need to elaborate how my thesis contributes to new media theory. 😦 . I hoped I would not have to write any additional stuff – I hoped all I needed to fix were some spelling and grammar etc. mistakes. Anyway, I was on my laptop throughout the meeting and put comments into the word documents so I can take it from there. The only problem is that I really won’t have a lot of time to do all this. I’m working tonight and tomorrow, then I’m in London all day Wednesday (though I suppose I can do bits and pieces on my train journey down there). I’ve then got both Thursday and Friday daytime (working in the evenings) and maybe Saturday daytime. I really need to get it completely finished by the end of this week, so that I have enough time for the printing and binding! Maybe I should phone the print room and ask how long it would take for them to print it. This will give me a better idea of how to pace it and which bits to amend (according to priority). Actually I’m going to do that now 🙂

Lists Lists Lists 060828

I’m at Uni at the moment, waiting for my thesis to print. Taking ages! EDIT: FFS I DIDN’T NOTICE THE INK HAD RUN OUT, SO NOW I HAVE TO PRINT OVER 50 PAGES AGAIN!
As for Saturday’s list:

Sunday 27/08/06:

  • 9-10AM: prepare for PhD meeting (write down notes, questions, etc. – also progress report?)
  • 10-11AM: write response to Blog PR criticism; finish post on online video news (hopefully)

– hmm. still supposed to write the two posts above. I’m so busy this week I really doubt I’ll have the time. Maybe tomorrow morning (??). Have to get up very early in that case as I’m working from 11AM. Or maybe the moment has died (‘moment dies now’.. Iconoclast).

Monday 28/08/06

  • 10AM: Final PhD meeting with my supervisors
  • PM: buy shirt or blouse for interview (and eye concealer and T*mpons, see below)
  • PM: make GP appointment
  • actually I forgot to add: BUY EYE CONCEALER. i.e. not to conceal my eyes, but to conceal the black circles below them. If I’m tired or whatever you can really see the dark circles, and it makes me look like some kind of junkie or person with a rock’n’roll lifestyle. It’s not my fault though! So I need to go to the Body Shop or Boots and buy some stuff to sort me out. Buy T*mpons (I’m a lady with a lady’s name).
  • also add: submit final progress report (to Registry); pay examination fee (though I may do the latter by post – i.e. write them a cheque).

Tuesday 29/08/06

  • 9AM-10.20AM: prepare for job interview
  • 10.20-10.50AM: read new manuals
  • PM: arrange for taxi for Wednesday AM
  • PM: pick up electronic ticket from Waverley
  • 6.30PM: pick up trousers from tailor’s