Shilpa vs. Jade: Indian upper-class vs. White working-class

I’m so busy at the moment that unfortunately I don’t have time to comment in-depth on the current Celebrity Big Brother controversy surrounding gobby white trash ‘racist’ Jade Goody and patronising ‘classist’ bitch Shilpa Shetty.

What annoys me though is that the media both in the UK and elsewhere currently focus almost exclusively on the ‘race‘ category, leaving out the class issues clearly at the centre of this argument.

Jade’s apparent stupidity, aggressiveness, and admittedly vile behaviour should not be excused. However, Shilpa laughing at Jade (for example at her pronunciation of ‘whale’), patronising her (recommending that she take elocution lessons), and her whole air of superiority and ‘I-am-better-than-you’ attitude* does not make her an easy person to get along with IMHO. At least not if you’re white, working-class, and not the sharpest tool in the box.

Verdict? No verdict. My decency and political correctness means that I agree Jade and her cronies were out of order, and some of the remarks were racist and inexcusable. However, I do not like Shilpa and her ways, and she would wind me up with her princess-like-behaviour (she has servants in India and when she enters a room, people get up for her apparently).

I (white trash made good) have an aversion against people who have it all on their plate, and who look down on others as a consequence and especially deride their education (or the absence thereof). I also have an aversion, however, against white lower-class people who attack others and insult them for no apparent reason other than they are different and therefore, scary.

Incidentally, both Shilpa and Jade are up for nomination. My money’s on Jade being voted out on Friday, as the ‘racism’ discourse has induced a mass guilt trip within the UK. Everyone is now going to vote for Jade to leave, in order to prove to themselves that they are not racist and to try and limit the damage caused to the UK and its reputation as a tolerant country.

*as portrayed in the Celebrity Big Brother highlight show every night, which is of course highly selective and not representative

8 thoughts on “Shilpa vs. Jade: Indian upper-class vs. White working-class

  1. Dear Lenina,

    You are discriminating! There is nothing wrong with being born with a silverspoon in your mouth just as there is nothing wrong with being born without. There is no question of choice here. And to expect people to apologise for being born rich & priveledged – white, brown, black or yellow – makes you sound bitter & envious. This is will be especially undesired if you have ‘made good’.

    Best regards,

  2. Anika – I replied to your comment yesterday but for some reason WP wouldn’t accept my comment. Buggy thing! Reproducing it below:


    Hm, I was trying to discriminate against both 😛

    no, seriously, my sole concern was that the ‘racism’ issue is being focussed on by the UK media, when IMHO it’s a mix of race, class, and cultural capital (and the absence thereof).

    Where exactly did I say that people need to apologise for being rich?

    Isn’t it a fair comment that some people would wind you up or annoy/irritate you? Isn’t that human nature? Isn’t the crucial point *how* we deal with those irritations? Jade was wrong in the way she dealt with her irritation of Shilpa; however, let’s not forget it was the Big Brother format that is responsible to a great extent for the escalation of ‘racist’ bullying (prison-like conditions, being closed in and unable to get away from the source of irritation, creation of tasks with the aim of creating tension and conflict — all of this in the name of entertainment)

  3. well talkin abt racism ppl like shilpa herself wud not luk down on poor ppl in india. she wud nt evn talk 2 ppl less than her class.isn’t it discrimination.i wonder.

  4. Shilpa told Jade that she should tale Etiquette (rules of social behaviour) lessons and NOT Elocution (how to talk properly) . There is a big difference as you should know. Why are you misrepresenting the facts? Shame on you not checking your facts first!!! do you know that you can be prosecuted for misrepresentation?

  5. Lenina you sound like an absolutely disgusting jealous woman scared and envious of upper class people or those that pride themselves on their abilities.If you say that ure angr with shilpas behavious bacsue she is looking down on Jade because jade is poorly educated and priding herslef on being better educated then let me remind you of the “IM THE 25TH MOTS INFLENTIAL PERSON IN THE WOROLD COMMENT” MADE BY Jade goody.All im saying is that its human nature to pride themselves on what they have and what they think others dont.jade was showing off to shilpa about her magazine poll beacsue that is what she is famous for and shilpa though she never truly showed off just provided an insight to her world riddled with happiness and class and by the way shilpa does not belong to a rich family nor was she born with a silver spoon in her mouth she was born in a middle class family like jade but fact is and im indian ethnic so i can say it indian middle classes are better educated and classy than british middle classes but shilpa actually got to the top by hard work rather than by being thick and u can blame shilpa for being proud but is it her fault jade is think as a nut and how many british students are in the uk who go to good schools and yet get bad grades and if idnian students earn good graded and show off they have evry right to without having to endure prejudice from trsh like you and i will call u trash bec ure talking lke jade goody now viweing this argument through your “white trash” eyes when jade said she was the 25th mots inflential person in the world and was showing off u didnt ahve any problem with it bec she was underprivileged middle classa nd so wer u but dont u think for one second that shilpa may have had problem with that or is it only jade who is allowed to get angry at shilpa showing off?

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