Privacy on my Blog

I’ve been wanting to write about privacy on my blog, or maybe some reasons why I generally like to stay anonymous.

I don’t have anything to hide as such, and I don’t really care about what people think of me.

However, sometimes, I use this blog as an outlet to be a bit ficticious, or a bit polemic, or a bit OTT. It’s great that I can do that. I’m not a meanie who wants to slag everyone off while remaining anonymous. Though I do like a bit of bitching, I also tend to be straight with people. I.e. if I don’t like someone, I’m not going to pretend I do and hang out with them. No like = no friend = no socialising with such persons.

I realise that a blog really isn’t like a private diary, unless I want to set the entire blog to private. I tried that briefly with another blog last year and it was really disconcerting. I mean, even though you *know* that no one else can see it, it still *looks like* it’s in fact in the public domain, and online somewhere.

The point I was getting at though was this privacy issue. I don’t like the idea that people that I know in RL read my blog, purely because it means that, when I do write about stuff, or people, or events, and use certain polemics or styles, or describe people for example in a certain way that I like to, I now have to think fucking twice about it. Why? Because something I posted got to a friend of mine via chinese whispers and it caused a wee bit of friction. Annoying.

It’s not meant to be truthful. Language doesn’t represent reality, it produces it. There is more than one version of things, and people, and events, and if someone feels offended by one version or production or construction – trust me, it’s not true. There are other issues which I don’t want to go into here, but which also influence the way I write about stuff.

Anyhow. The reason why I wanted to get it out of my system now was that I went to an event last night, which I really enjoyed, and there are some interesting, maybe even amusing stories to tell. Only that I can’t be arsed to do that any more, at least not for the moment. I will write about it, definitely, but not here 😛