How To Increase Blog Traffic – revisited

I’ve decided to revisit my How to Increase Blog Traffic post, not only to get away from my dull introspection of late, but also partly as it’s something that I’ve been thinking about over the last few days.

I don’t monitor my traffic at all, ever since it exploded last year due to the Imogen sex tape post, which was an accidental, or in web 2.0 jargon, viral success.

However, a number of anaj’s recent posts all contain references to blog traffic and her monitoring thereof, so I thought I’d revisit it briefly. Additionally, I wouldn’t mind increasing my own traffic, i.e. to make a conscious effort, particularly, once I relaunch it (in a month or two) as Diary of a Teleworker.

What I want to focus on in the increase is commenting more on other people’s blogs, as well as using more tags. When I first started blogging, I used plenty of tags; however, I started ‘tidying up’ after integrating a variety of widgets into my sidebar. There were simply too many categories and I thought I better strip down to the basics.

This means though that I don’t tag my posts much these days, usually 3-4 tags per post, which isn’t that good in terms of web 2.0 networking. I think that once I relaunch my blog, I’ll definitely make sure that I consciously use some strategies to increase my traffic.

There definitely is a science to it, and here are some links to help you (and I) get started:

I’m not going to change anything yet though – i.e. I won’t make a conscious effort to increase my traffic until I’m ready for the relaunch.

Should be in about 1-2 months’ time – depending on when I get the letter officially awarding me my doctorate. Since I’ll then finally be able to use my title, I can draw a proper line under Life After PhD 🙂

7 thoughts on “How To Increase Blog Traffic – revisited

  1. The next aspect to explore in your series about traffic science would be “How to increase the number of comments”, because that’s the downside of unqualified traffic (to use a CRM term).

  2. Of course not the comments are the downside but a lack of them (comments being the only valid indicator of ‘conversion’ from random visitor to user).

  3. most certainly – I once asked all visitors to my ‘sex tape’ posts to just leave a comment, even if anonymously, but only few did so 😐

  4. Thaks for revisitng this… again, awesome work here. I forgot what search led me here but I think it may have been on “blog traffic”. I’m sure you’ll find some more visitors cos of the reposting. And hey are you using gravatr images for the photos next to captions? Or is this something you’ve put together yourself?

  5. I started noticing clicks from your Imogen video post. My blog is totally unrelated to the topic, so people surely bounce off, but still… even my obscure blog is affected.

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