Daily Archives: June 1, 2007

Holiday? What Holiday?

I’m meant to be on holiday. Well I am, at least physically, in Italy in a house in the countryside. The only problem is that I’m having to deal with loads of organisational things while I’m here.

Today, for example, I got up at 7AM (gasp!) to make a few phone calls and to get the gas company to come out and fix the gas supply to the house. This afternoon, some guy is coming to check the boiler is working fine, and this evening it’s the gas company again to replace the entire box from where I currently get the gas supply to the house! Apparently it’s all old and crap.

Having had 6 cups of strong black coffee already, I’m currently sitting in the kitchen,  trying to organise a few meetings for next week (it’s a bank holiday here tomorrow, apparently). I feel strangely high (must be the coffee, altitude, lack of sleep) and shaky. I’m trying to speak Italian as best as I can, and have been communicating a fair bit today; however, it’s hard to concentrate under these conditions! Actually I don’t feel much like communicating at all – I was after a BREAK from stuff.

I’ve just got a lot piled up, only different things this time. On top of everything else, I promised an ex-BF of mine to read and advise him on his PhD proposal. He wants my opinion on his 3000 words by Sunday.  Argh.

I could do with some sleep right now. Or some more coffee 😛