Daily Archives: June 2, 2007

Missing My Friends

I’m missing my Edinburgh friends. Whenever I have to socially deal with people that I wouldn’t, under normal circumstances, give the time of day, I miss the people that I can actually be myself with. Sometimes I even feel like crying, because I just can’t stand so many fucking people! I can’t stand (apart from regular eejits including right-wing, conservative, narrow-minded arseholes):

  • people who laugh all the time/who laugh at the slightest fucking thing
  • people who are over the top friendly to everyone
  • people who talk about the same shit all the time (because they never do anything, so they’ve got fuck all to talk about)
  • people with prejudices
  • people with inferiority complexes
  • people who can’t have a normal, rational discussion or argument
  • men who are too stereotypically masculine
  • women who are too stereotypically feminine

Lately, I’m increasingly getting annoyed by women. It’s actually strange because I consider myself a (post)feminist, and have done so for over 10 years. I love strong women and have some very good female friends. In recent times, however, I’ve encountered a bunch of women that I just don’t get along with. There are some in our Edinburgh group who aren’t really that bad, but they are just too feminine for my liking. I.e. they like wearing dresses and makeup and such, and talking about ‘girly’ stuff. They are also, I believe, quite a close-knit group, and they all know each other. Though to be honest, I’ve never really gotten along with girly girls, so nothing new there.

In the London group, who I don’t like anyway, the women are all strange too. The worst ones are the ones in their mid-40s and upwards. One in particular has all the traits that are imho bad for women: bitchy/hatred towards other women, only interested in male approval/desperate for male attention.* When I see those women in action, I really hope I’m going to be an old spinster, rather than like them.

Someone once told me that I’ll end up an old weird lady with 20 cats. When he said it, he meant it in a negative way (i.e. old, peculiar, lonely, weirdo). I’d rather be a cat lady than a desperate old woman, getting my tits out at every opportunity and offering myself up to any male that comes along, while partying hard and forever seeking male approval and attention.

The worst thing about it is that my BF doesn’t see anything wrong with this bunch of people, in fact he thinks they’re his best friends. Whenever I think of them, even while writing this post, I feel quite unhappy inside. I really don’t know what to do 😦

*interestingly, that’s exactly the scenario that Big Brother is trying to create this year: Yesterday, they put in one male model among the 12 or so females. Now they’re all vying for HIS attention and affection, since he’s the one to choose who’s up for nomination next week.