Daily Archives: June 4, 2007

It’s Official: I am a Doctor Now

The Senate who was to officially award my PhD met on the 30th May, i.e. last week, and I sent out some emails yesterday to find out the result. And guess what: the award was officially confirmed 😀

I am happy to confirm that the Senate has approved your awards of PhD. The Student Records Office will contact you shortly with information about graduation.

Can I remind you that before you graduate you have to provide us with your final bound copy and electronic copy of the thesis. See details below.

Congratulations again, and I hope you will be able to come to graduation on the 6th July.


And my supervisor, on a more personal note, mentioned that my PhD will be one of the first awarded by the University as a full University (with University title), rather than ‘University College’. This of course is great news for me! My certificate will hold even more cultural capital.


Hi lenina
Will do. I was at Senate, your PhD was one of the first few awards that
the newly constituted Senate has confirmed, and likewise one of the
first that the institution as a university has awarded – easily the highlight of the
meeting for me.
All the best

Mwahhhh! I am now officially and legally allowed to use my title, which is great. I had been using it very occasionally and illegally, but now I can finally do so without fear of being imprisoned for 10 years 😛

Once I receive my certificate, I’ll definitely take a pic and upload it. BTW I had to edit hte time stamp. I meant to post this yesterday but the ISDN here in the countryside is like being on the Information Superhighway in 1997. I.e. totally rubbish.

Anyhow, raise your glass!

Dr. lenina 😛