Daily Archives: June 8, 2007

Enjoying the Luxury of a Huge Apple Screen

I’m in my friend Paolo’s office and he’s put the Internet on for me while he’s got some clients there for a meeting (he’s an architect). He’s got this top-end Mac and a HUGE screen – must be 30″ or something, and it’s amazing! I’ve taken a screen shot (which ended up being something like 12MB in size – took me ages at first to figure out what the equivalent of CTRL + Print Screen is on a Mac).

The resolution is something silly too, like 2560 by 1600 or something. The only thing is that I’m not really used to having a big screen like this, so I have no idea as to the actual size and dimension of what this post is going to look like, in terms of paragraphs etc.

I’m uploading the screenshot of my blog now (yesterday’s post), and, while it’s quite small, you’ll get the idea! You can see a long-ish post in its entirety, no need to scroll down! Weird but good 😛

Screenshot of my post: 

Huge Apple monitor (actually, I think his might even be bigger than 30″ – teh 30″ ones in the pics look a bit too small)