Daily Archives: June 11, 2007

Holiday? What Holiday? Revisited

My ‘holiday’ is nearly over now. I had planned to:

    • sort out various things with the house

only partly successful. I’ll still have to do some unecessary, costly things. But at least it’s not all going to end in tears now.

    • get some sun and relax

Sun? What sun? Rain for the majority of the time. At least it wasn’t really that cold. Though last Sunday, it even hailed!

    • get away from media and people

Nope. Seen people every day, in fact more people than I see in a typical week in London. Been on the Internet all day (or trying to… when it hasn’t let me down). Though I have actually progressed socially. I get on better now with our German neighbours, and also met some Scottish peopley. YUS! Also some Essex people (hm…not so great) with a phat Essex accent (for ‘mole’ they said ‘mowel’, i.e. like ‘towel’; for ‘whale’, ‘why-el’ – I would have to use phonetic transcription to make you understand – it’s terr-i-ble!).

Not a chance. I started reading Stasiland instead which I found kicking round the house.

Nope. See above.

I haven’t really had much of a holiday, but I have had a varied (albeit busy) stay. I’ve had to proofread my ex BF’s PhD proposal, in fact he sent it again tonight for me to email it to him by tomorrow! Not a chance. Tomorrow I’m leaving, and the last evening and last morning I at last want to myself 🙂

He’s quite bright so I’m sure he’ll get it, and I’ve already spent plenty of hours on his bl00dy proposal last Sunday.

/me will send him an email now to tell him to fuck off that unfortunately, she doesn’t have time to do it by to-fucking-morrow.