Daily Archives: June 23, 2007

Get 250 Free Business Cards

Seeing that I’ll soon have a new job, with a shiny new job title and a shiny new academic title, I thought I get some business cards printed.  Not really to use them professionally (my new employer will get those done separately, i.e. with their logo on it etc.), but for my own personal use (to give to friends and families).

Someone gave me a business card of theirs when I was in Italy, and they had it done free on the Vistaprint site. You can get 250 business cards for free – all you have to pay is postage (which in my case was £3.62).

The catch? There is no catch (apart from their displaying their URL on the back of the cards). It really is free, but from when you go to the site and choose your card, to the actual checkout/payment, they really cleverly try and make you ‘add on’ ‘really good offers’ to your free cards. They try really hard to push all sorts of ‘good deals’ onto you, including various deals for quicker shipping.

If you resist all of those ‘special offers’, and if you manage to get to the end without accidentally selecting any of them, you really do have a good deal with 250 free business cards for £3.62. Mine won’t arrive here for at least another 3 weeks (I picked the ‘slow 21 days shipping’ option), but when they do, I’m going to be quite a happy bunny 🙂