Last Post from my University Office

Today for the last time, I’m blogging from the office at my Uni. I came here earlier after picking up my hardbound thesis from the bookbinder’s (yum, it looked very phat and stylish). I handed in my thesis to registry, so they can pass it on to our library, then signed some kind of release form so that the British Library has access to it, and finally, ended up in my office.

Once here, I started the long process of printing out another copy of my thesis – all its 326 pages – so I can get a hardcover version bound for myself. Thus, I sat here for ages, trying to do some other stuff at the same time. Nearly ready to go home now. I was going to get another print-out tomorrow but might not have the time. The extra copy would be for my mum, so she can see in black and white my achievement!

Anyway, brain a bit fried right now, so I’m offski šŸ™‚