8 Random Facts About Me

anaj tagged me to reveal 8 random facts about me! Help!

Well, you asked for it.

8 Random Facts About Me

1. When I was little, I once tried breaking my arm. I hit my arm repeatedly against the branch of a tree, and then considered jumping from the tree to break my leg.

2. I like younger men.

3. I am the first person in my family and amongst my relatives to not only go to University, but also get a degree. And the first person to be a doctor. I really seriously doubt this is going to happen again any time soon, unless I have children.

4. I consider myself more British than German, and more European than German. I have a dislike of Germany’s order, rules, and discipline, though I benefit from being brought up German in the British workplace.

5. I love Edinburgh. It’s the first place where I’ve ever felt at home, and I got emotional when speeding into Scotland 2 weeks ago (and was flashed twice by speed cameras in the process. I won’t get points on my license though as my license is German).

6. I’m getting a thistle tattoo. I like people who view their body as neutral inscription material, and not as a sexed body that is essentially male and therefore masculine, or female and therefore feminine.

7. Politically, I consider myself left of centre though I have near-Thatcherite views on a person’s ability and responsibility to do well in life and to contribute to society.

8. I consider myself a feminist (but I’m not pushing any political discourse onto anyone – I simply live my life in a feminist way).

And now I have to tag 8 other people to do this? w00t? I don’t know any bloggers! I’m just going to tag 2 for now and then have a think about the other ones. Also, you’ve tagged automatthias 😐

andraco, Techno Paul.

7 thoughts on “8 Random Facts About Me

  1. Tagging two people is enough, it still grows exponentially. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 512, and you get 1024 blogs in the 11th step.

    Besides, how does it end?

    I’ll publish my random facts, but I need to cure my hangover first. 😛

  2. Hey, I was tried to break my arm, too! I was fifteen and we had compulsory rock’n roll lesson in P.E. – I hated it so much (in particular the parts where the guy is supposed to take you and throw you over his shoulder) that I wanted to break my arm in order to not have to be examined. So I slammed the lid of our 1960’s, heavy as nothing else deep freezer (Gefriertruhe) on my arm, yet without any success.

    Speaking about German discipline: Have you never noticed that you take extreme pride in your discipline, your being a work horse? Would you consider that German or British?

  3. It’s definitely a German trait. I have *never* met any German who *wasn’t* very disciplined professionally and proud of it. While it’s not an exclusively ‘German’ trait, I do think that our culture instills a very *particular* type of work ethic in us – one that I haven’t yet encountered in any other culture.

  4. In the context of South African culture, Indians also had the reputation o being very focused and disciplined. I dunna what it’s like in the UK.

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