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A Strange Day

Today has been a bit of a strange day. I woke up feeling crap and homesick for Edinburgh, and spent some time pondering my future. Luckily next week I’m back in the office (on Monday, anyway) – getting out of the flat might lift my mood 🙂

I’ve been thinking of starting a private German blog – anaj is doing this and I know my friend automatthias too has a Polish blog (that’s why there’s never any new content on his English blog 😛 ).

Would be cool – I could talk about whatever I like, and no one would know 😀

Only thing is I wouldn’t know *when* to do it…

Either way, let’s get this week-end out of the way and see what happens 🙂

916.86 Words Per Day

I’m currently writing a report for a consultancy project as part of my new job, and it’s really good for a variety of reasons.

Best of all, though, I seem to be able to produce a lot of high-quality writing each day. I’ve done over 6000 words so far, and that’s in 7 days. It’s ridiculous if you think that 10000 words or so would be enough for an MA thesis (over here in the UK, that is). I.e. I could write a thesis in just under 2 weeks! The stuff I’m writing about involves a lot of research and is about web 2.0, and it’s at times quite theoretical. I’m really quite enjoying it though, but I am surprised at my rate and ability to produce good stuff quickly.

I enjoy using my brain so much – this is something that wasn’t really required in my previous job (though over-required in my PhD of course). I feel even more positive now about my idea of retiring at 40 and starting to write fiction then. If I can write anything between 500 and 1000 words a day, it should be easy.

Writing used to be a bit of a fight sometimes, and hard work. Lately, it just seems to come out very quickly and productively so!

I think it’s just the bl00dy PhD that was killing my joy of writing.

Ponta Delgada visits Lenina

Checking my clustr map the other day, I found a small red dot to the West coast of Portugal which means I’ve had some traffic from there. It looked like it was out in the ocean (Atlantic ocean, to be precise) and really quite far out! I first wondered whether it was someone on a ship using satellite DSL or whatever (is that technically possible?).

On closer inspection just now, it looks like the traffic originated from Ponta Delgada, or in any case one of the Azores isles, a

Portuguese archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, about 1,500 km (930 mi.) from Lisbon and about 3,900 km (2,418 mi.) from the east coast of North America.

I never realised the Azores existed. Well, I have some sort of memory that they do – I’ve definitely heard the name before and if pressed, I may even have subconsciously stored a memory somewhere that they are Portuguese. Either way, these clustr maps are quite a fun thing, though I’d like to be able to zoom in more (it would be great to see in detail where from within the UK I have traffic 😀 ).

Excerpt from my clustrmap (check out the small red dot to the West of Portugal, out in the Atlantic Ocean):


Ponta Delgada:


A very Scottish Party

Last night (the 27th – time stamp is edited) we threw a party at my flat. It was great! We didn’t take any pics unfortunately.

Everyone fitted in just nicely – everyone had a ‘social role’ within our group. I think it’s been a successful week-end and I even got stuff done (though, on the wrk-front, not as much as I’d have liked to. Panic sets in).

I nearly even bought a Scottish flag. w00t. Actually I really should get one 😉