Website Updated & other Digital Housekeeping

I’ve just (finally!!) updated my website.

Yes, I do have a website (enter my real name into Google and you’ll find it).

In particular, I’ve actually uploaded my thesis to my site – so if you want to have a look at it, feel free!

It was great fun. I enjoy doing stuff on the computer for myself – i.e. stuff that *isn’t* related to wrk. Only that usually there is little time for it, and keeping this blog up-to-date is a chore in itself 😛

The great thing about a web 1.0 ‘website’ (and yes, it is web 1.0) is that it’s static. Once it’s done, it’s done (at least for a while…). So, you won’t be able to comment or do anything with it really. Still, it was fun to use Dreamweaver again (the first time in a year) and to fiddle around with the code. I also added the code for Google Analytics to the site (all pages), so I can find out a little more about my traffic and in fact try out Google Analytics.

I used to want to be a web designer about 10 years ago, and we all created our little websites using (in my case) Homesite, all hand-coding. Obviously I no longer do this, but it’s great to be able to work in code mode (it’s the same with WordPress actually).

I’m even thinking of creating a wikipedia-entry about my thesis topic. Seeing that I haven’t done a Wikipedia-page before, this will be a useful thing to do.

I’ll also add a few people to my bogroll here. People whose blog I read occasionally and where it’s just easier to put it into my bogroll. I can’t put everyone into my feeds, I don’t even use Google reader (I’m too fucking busy).

/me thinks she should try out FeedBurner.

3 thoughts on “Website Updated & other Digital Housekeeping

  1. Tell me once you’ve come to grips with Feedburner. I started using it a while ago, but don’t really see why so far.

  2. yep, I agree, only I don’t have the time… I was thinking of doing it as a blog, but really it should stay web 1.0. I might just have to change the layout (but that would be version 2.0, at the moment it’s 1.5).

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