Regular Working Hours = Nothing Else Gets Done

I’m getting used to working more regular office hours now, i.e. 10AM-6PM most days. Prior to that, I’ve never really had a strict work/non-work dichotomy. At Uni, you’re at home a lot of the time studying, and in my previous job I was not only teleworking, but also doing shift work. I’ve always done quite a lot of of evening shifts, as I usually prefer working in the evenings as TV is shit and during the day I don’t watch TV anyway, so I can get stuff done.

Normally, I’d do housework/leisure/organising stuff etc. during the day, and then I’d work in the evenings from my computer (e.g. 5pm – 12 midnight).  Now though, I have no time during the week to do anything. On Mondays I go to the office, and even on the days where I’m not in the office I tend to work during office hours as that’s when my colleagues are all online. This means however, that nothing else gets done any more.

I no longer fight the BF’s dirt and mess as much as I used to, and instead settle down in filth all around me. Actually, I still do the washing and so forth, but I no longer have time to indulge in keeping the flat nice, tidy, and clean, as I used to do when I still had time for it.  Let it all pile up!

In fact I now have to use the week-end for a lot of ‘lenina’-type activities, including housework, organising things, replying to friend’s and business emails, sorting out any bills, and so forth. I really look forward to the week-ends because it means I can actually use the computer to do my own stuff!

You could say that I should just do it during wrk hours and from the office, like millions of others. Alas, there is no time, and furthermore, my work ethic doesn’t allow that kind of thing. I would never do my private, lenina-stuff at work.

I’ll just turn into a normal weekday vs. week-end kind of person 😛

3 thoughts on “Regular Working Hours = Nothing Else Gets Done

  1. lol. Are all the lovely, deartome workalcoholic German tomboys the same? 🙂
    I think they are. But defo the ones whom I know, well quite well… 😉 (particularly those two…)
    I find that very entertaining. Surprisingly… Funny, funny, funny. but it is all good.

  2. BTW my dear friend: J. got the job with H&M!!! Yeah!! Now it’s just you left that needs to find a new job. At least the ‘other thing’ in your life is now sorted 😛

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