916.86 Words Per Day

I’m currently writing a report for a consultancy project as part of my new job, and it’s really good for a variety of reasons.

Best of all, though, I seem to be able to produce a lot of high-quality writing each day. I’ve done over 6000 words so far, and that’s in 7 days. It’s ridiculous if you think that 10000 words or so would be enough for an MA thesis (over here in the UK, that is). I.e. I could write a thesis in just under 2 weeks! The stuff I’m writing about involves a lot of research and is about web 2.0, and it’s at times quite theoretical. I’m really quite enjoying it though, but I am surprised at my rate and ability to produce good stuff quickly.

I enjoy using my brain so much – this is something that wasn’t really required in my previous job (though over-required in my PhD of course). I feel even more positive now about my idea of retiring at 40 and starting to write fiction then. If I can write anything between 500 and 1000 words a day, it should be easy.

Writing used to be a bit of a fight sometimes, and hard work. Lately, it just seems to come out very quickly and productively so!

I think it’s just the bl00dy PhD that was killing my joy of writing.

1 thought on “916.86 Words Per Day

  1. I know what you are talking about – humanities people probably write the best concepts and marketing concepts EVER – yet it takes a while until somebody gives them a chance. I also always enjoyed having the opportunity to churn out a bit of high quality text. It makes your realize what you _have_ actually learned (although one doesn’t notice it during once studies — see your ‘writing a bit of a fight sometimes’)

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