lenina on Feedburner

I’ve finally ‘burnt’ my blog on Feedburner, in order to provide it as a feed (see the link ‘Subscribe in a reader’ in the first widget column). In fact, I’ve been doing a lot of research into content syndication and aggregation lately, and I want to also provide a blend or compilation of third-party feeds on my blog, using FeedBlendr. Before that, I’ll have to identify which feeds I want to create and blend into one… to be honest, I myself read mainly The Guardian and BBC feeds, and on top of that my friend’s ones (though the other day I added an online PR/marketing one).

It would be cool though to create a ‘professional feed blend’ for online advertising/PR/marketing and web 2.0/tech stuff. I might even use that blend not on my own blog but on my work’s blog, which is shamefully neglected at the moment but which I’m playing with, hidden away.

The next step for me personally is to download and install the WordPress app on my own domain. I just want to make it more customisable – I hate being stuck with only a small amount of widgets and with little possibility to change things around. I mean, I’m trying my best, but I’m really hitting the limitations of what WP hosted on WP.com can offer 😐

Still, learning new stuff as always is a great excitement, and lest we forget: ONLY stimulating my brain by learning, reading, etc. can make me TRULY happy.

Truly, madly, deeply!