Daily Archives: September 6, 2007

del.icio.us and Privacy (WTF)

Just a quick rant about del.icio.us. I haven’t used it much in the past as I preferred having bookmarks stored locally.

However, recently I’ve worked on a fair few computers, and thus, rather than looking into other web-based bookmarking, I started using my delicious account again. To my horror I found out today that the default privacy setting for delicious bookmarks is ‘public’! I.e. my bloody bookmarks are there for everyone to see and I came across them when doing a Google search related to a confidential project that I’m doing right now. Fuck.

I know it’s called ‘social bookmarking’, but I don’t want to share my fucking bookmarks! My bookmarks are confidential!! All I want is a web-based bookmarking service. I really didn’t look into the privacy issue which I should have done so it’s my fault really.

If you want to see how to to turn privacy (and it’s really annoying as you ahve to edit your previously stored bookmarks individually), follow this link for a video tutorial.

I’ve now instead added Google Bookmarks to my iGoogle and I think I’m going to move my activities over to that (yes, I know Google invade your privacy etc. but as long as it’s only invaded by Google and not the general public, e.g. via a search fucking engine, I don’t mind. Invade all you like, Google 😛 ).

When I have a minute, I’ll also check on all traces of my online self elsewhere, and delete where I have any concerns about privacy. Only today, the BBC reports that Facebook are also going to open their profile search to the general public. W00t.

/me sells all computers and moves to the Italian countryside