How To Spot the Lowly-Educated (Achtung! Rant!)

A quick rant about how to spot the lowly-educated, by that I mean those who do not understand that discourse creates reality, rather than the other way round.

You can identify the lowly-educated by asking their opinion (or often, unfortunately, being told their opinion) on current media events and news stories. One example is the controversy surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The lowly-educated will argue that:

  • Madeleine McCann was killed, probably accidentally, by her own mother
  • This must be true because the (tabloid) media report it thus

The lowly-educated will not question how the above two ‘realities’ have been constructed. The only facts are:

  • there are no facts on the guilt or non-guilt of Madeleine McCann’s mother because the Portuguese legal system does not allow any information regarding an ongoing case to be published
  • all that we have facts for is that both her parents now have ARGUIDO/ARGUIDA status which means:
  • Officially a suspect
    • Bestowed by police or requested by individual

    • Right to remain silent

    • Right to a lawyer

    • Must report to police every five days

The lowly-educated will not take this into consideration in their assessment of the situation. The great majority of people is either low-educated, or is binarily (and often, well) educated with an easy, dichotomous world-view (elberry describes his encounter with one such person in his blog post here).

I don’t mind the lowly-educated, in fact I’m known to be friends with chavs (everyone should have at least one chav friend). However, what irritates me is when the lowly-educated have ‘opinions’ that are based on either popular discourse or on (tabloid) media hysteria.

The lowly-educated also have a preference for conspiracy theories, like talking about aliens, UFOs and such, and find David Icke interesting or think he is worth listening to (which he is not).

4 thoughts on “How To Spot the Lowly-Educated (Achtung! Rant!)

  1. Does discourse create perceived reality or reality? If it actually creates reality then presumably all that is required for something to be true is a statement that something is true. What if one’s education is simply an education into the realms of delusion…I see very little reason to connect a high degree of education with a direct understanding of reality or truth. An education system will reflect teh mores of a society, & if that society is buily going insane as the West has been doing fro some time, then a high level of education is likely to result in a a particularly strong aversion to seeing beyond the mores of the society which produces this education.
    I think you will find that the establishment media, which so many deludedly imagine informs them of an accurate picture of reality, is little more than a hallucination machine in the hands of the economic elites , & the naive believers in its portrait of reality are as likely to be highly as lowly educated.

  2. Yep, I thought something similar when I heard the news.

    And I like your example of “people who don’t know that discourse creates reality”. Made me think of that one dickhead I briefly dated in (when? 1998?) and with whom I had a fight about the BILD-Zeitung – and who asked me to have a look at things “without discourse.”

    Ha! Classic.

  3. for some reason, none of the comments to this post were forwarded to my email account, which is rather strange.

  4. That does happen sometime. Sometimes the got sent to an email account I had linked to my blog first, sometimes they don’t show up at all.

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