A Day in the Life of Lenina

After being asked by a couple of people how my wrking day usually works, here’s a brief summary:

8.50AM: lenina gets up (my alarm clock is actually set to 8.50 AM. I get up at that time every day of the week, apart from Mondays, when I go to the office)

10AM: lenina starts work (in my home office)

12noon: BF comes home from wrk for his lunch break; lenina takes a short break (I don’t like taking a WHOLE hour-long lunch break as I find it unproductive and unconductive to the way I work – instead, I take about half an hour at lunch and then roughly 2x 15 minutes throughout my working day)

5.15PM: BF arrives home from work. lenina meets and greets and dinner is eaten either then or after lenina finishes work (see below)

7PM: lenina finishes wrk (leaves PC in home office), unless dinner was eaten earlier in which case lenina works until 8PM or whatever time required to finish a task.

And that’s a wrk day in the life of lenina. Roughly 😛 .