TV Tip: The IT Crowd

I haven’t been following the second series of The IT Crowd, but tonight I finally saw an episode (I think it’s episode 4 – which is shit since it means that I’ve missed episodes 1-3 😦 ).

Anyway, it was excellent, and Firefox was namechecked (they talked about a Firefox extension).

The IT Crowd’s Wikipedia page talks about the various cultural geek references:

Dialogue (both technical and cultural) is usually authentic and any technobabble used often contains in-jokes for geek viewers. Some of the more obvious references include:

* Posters depicting the religious parody the Flying Spaghetti Monster; retro computer games such as Elite and Underwurlde; 8-bit computers such as Atari 8-bit family and the Commodore 64; and Matthew Gast’s 802.11 Protocol Map

* Retro computer hardware – including a Commodore PET; a ZX81; a BBC Micro; a Mac Plus; a NES games console; and large quantities of Atari 2600 cartridges.

* Roy’s t-shirts contain various I.T. references and cult games. These include “RTFM”, an alien from Space Invaders, the 256th level of Pac-Man and the number 42. …


* The title sequence animation depicts a Linux kernel panicking during a Fedora Core 4 installation. (easily mistaken for a Windows blue screen of death).


Hehe. Tonight’s episode was really funny. Note for Oirish people: Roy, one of the IT support staff, plays an Irish guy (well the actor is an Irish comedian). Also, the show is created by Graham Linehan who also did Father Ted.

Here’s the title sequence πŸ˜›

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  1. yep this is all good, the problem is that 4od doesn’t work on my computer for some reason. It’s to do with the flash player apparently, but plenty of people have reported problems with it…

    anyway, I might just buy the DVD box-set of both seasons once it comes out in October or whenever πŸ™‚

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