Daily Archives: September 15, 2007

Nifty web 2.0 tool: Feedblendr

I think I’ve mentioned Feedblendr before. It’s actually a sweet and incredibly useful wee tool for those of us who prefer reading feeds in Firefox, rather than some web-based RSS-reader. Feedblendr blends disparate RSS-sources into one feed, so that as a result you have ONE feed, rather than 10 or whatever separate feeds cluttering up the RSS bar.

Either way,  the other day I blended some social media/web 2.0 feeds into one, and today, I blended the people from my blogroll into one 🙂

That means I now have one ‘Friends’ – feed sitting nicely in my FF browser. It also means that I no longer have to check various (cough cough) people’s blogs daily only to find out there’s nothing new on it 😛 – you know who you are. You will simply be submerged in the blend, and so it won’t matter if you don’t post seeing that I’ll have a constant stream of posts from some of the more active people in my blend.

The funny thing is that the RSS stream now displays all posts from the different blogs in one long list, so I won’t really know who posted it until I access the respective post. Though it is possible to tell – some people don’t really take great care titling their individual posts, which they should really, seeing that it makes it easier to figure out what it’s about and whether or not I’d want to read it.

I used to have my own feed in my FF, purely to see what it looked like for other people reading my blog via RSS. I no longer do this of course 😛

Anyway, Feedblendr will hopefully make it easier for me to keep up-to-date with everyone and to read people’s blogs more regularly.