lenina is a messy student (according to her BF)

My BF stormed in today at lunchtime and had a go at me over not making the fucking bed. Very rich coming from him, seeing that he’s the messiest fuck that I know. For instance, when he does the DIY as he’s doing at the moment, he doesn’t actually protect any areas when painting. Thus, the laminate in the floor now has various white glossy splashes of non-waterbased paint which he said he can ‘just scratch off afterwards’). So does the carpet that, btw, I layed (he never ‘got round to it’ and it was piled up in the hallway for a few months before I took matters into my own hands).

I used to do all the housework here in the London flat, and tidy up after my BF all the time (my Edinburgh flat is nicely kept and the public rooms are always tidy and clean-ish). As regular readers may remember, I gave up the ‘cleaning up after him’ and acquiesced to living in filth.

So, yes, I do admit to doing nothing much about the filth any more. I still do the washing up (all of it) and the washing (all of it), and I hoover once a week. My BF doesn’t do any of these regular household chores (but he doesn’t realise I’m doing them as it all goes on in the background and is thus ‘invisible’). Other than that, though, I have given up, and that won’t change unless he starts practising what he fucking preaches.

Or do you, dear readers, really think that it is in fact lenina who is the messy student fuck, and her BF is the organised, structured, and disciplined adult?

No. I didn’t think so either.

3 thoughts on “lenina is a messy student (according to her BF)

  1. i feel it may be necessary to follow him around the flat taking photos of his activities, and then pin them up on a huge noticeboard with tags like “Plate not cleaned. Many crumbs” and “Dirt in hallway”. You could just silently lead him to the noticeboard and point at it with a reproachful expression.

  2. I can’t do any such thing. It would be ‘nagging’. My neighbour said I should refuse sex, which is the only thing that may be effective. Apparently, a lot of women do this for precisely the same reason.


    – hubby/BF doesn’t do his bit
    – any communication effort is interpreted as ‘nagging’
    – women refuse sex as last resort (along the lines ‘if you don’t do your bit, I shall not give you sex’)

  3. My BF is even worse. I did all the housework until I fell pregnant at 40 yrs old, and was soon after diagnosed with MS, my doctor told me to get him to help around the house, or to hire a cleaner (ha, ha, ha, bloody ha), I don’t know which is more beyond my means. Men the world over, they’re all the same. Now I’m on the verge of hating him(did I say verge??) I have 1 yr old, 13 yr old and 34 yr old children. Never marry a younger man. It might seem like a good idea at the time but all they want is a mother they can f*#k. Good luck L.

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