Daily Archives: September 22, 2007

Family Visit Preparations

Next Thursday, my mum and sister are visiting us for the first time here in London. I’m picking them up on Thursday, and they’ll be leaving on Sunday.

There are 2 tasks that need to be done in preparation:

  1. Preparing the flat
  2. Preparing an itinerary

1. Preparing the flat:

  • BF is doing the decorating – wallpapering the hallway and lounge, painting, etc. (I don’t want to get involved with that as we’ll only argue)
  • Me: Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. The filth I’m used to will need to give way to cleanliness and order. Today I’m going to do the kitchen: washing out the fridge (foul) and the freezer (not too bad), scrubbing down the hob and cleaning the oven (filthy, greasy) and washing out the kitchen cupboards.

2. Preparing an itinerary:

It’s going to be something along these lines:

Thursday: picking them up from the airport, driving back here, unpacking etc. In the evening probably go to a pub (locally)

Friday: London sight-seeing. I hope the weather is good. I want to take them on a good walk around London. There are various walk itineraries on the Jubilee Walkway website – very good idea btw! – and I’m thinking of taking them on walk 1 – the Western Loop walk. It’s 9km long and will take 4 hours (w00t) which is why I want to do this on Friday, when my BF is working (he wouldn’t like walking for 4 hours).

Saturday: Fun London things. In the AM, we can go to Broadway Market to the farmers’ market. After a hearty breakfast, I’m thinking of going to do some more sightseeing and then maybe go on the London Eye which I’ve never done myself but have always wanted to do. The BF hasn’t done it yet either, so it’s a great thing for us all. Afterwards, we could walk across the bridge and to the Tattershall Castle for a meal (fish and chips would be great, though I’m not sure they would eat it 😛 ).

Alternatively, we could go to Greenwich after the farmers’ market – we could walk through the foot tunnel from Island Gardens, coming out in Greenwich near the Cutty Sark. We could then walk around Greenwich town centre, see the market, and go for a meal at the Trafalgar Tavern pub right on the Thames.

Actually, I prefer that idea to the idea of spending a second day in central London 😐

Saturday evening we could just go somewhere local, e.g. a pub on Broadway Market

Sunday: On Sunday, I’m taking them back to the airport 😛