Daily Archives: October 5, 2007

Docstoc Invites via ReadWriteWeb

There are 1000 docstoc – invites available via ReadWriteWeb. I’ve just signed up. While I don’t really use social networks or indeed professional networks much, it looks like this one might be useful and not just for ‘socialising’ (socialising WTF!):

Docstoc is aiming to be the YouTube or Flickr of professional documents, by allowing users to upload and share (via an embeddable flash widget) professional documents.

Check out this post on ReadWriteWeb, from where you can get your invite.

Edit: I just joined up and under creative / writing, found the following ‘creative essay’:

The way to a woman’s heart is through her broken ribs. 

Forget roses. Forget expensive boxes of candy. Forget moonlit walks along the beach. Forget every piece of advice you’ve heard on The View. 

If you want to impress a woman, think black eyes, fat lips, broken noses, and romantic evenings in the emergency room. On the way to hospital, open the lines of communication by deciding if the little lady should claim that she fell down the stairs or off her bike. 

Don’t listen to women who say they crave caring, touchy-feely men. Women only want a sensitive man until a real man walks through the door….

 If Mr. Nice Guy reaches his breaking point after walking in on his girlfriend getting nailed by a USP driver, his ass will be in jail before the cum-stained sheets dry. Tenderizing the cunt’s face might be right, but it’s not legal.


Have flagged it as inappropriate. I do hope they take it down.