Daily Archives: October 11, 2007

Italy Day 01: Arrival

We finally arrived at the Italy house at approx. 8.30PM, even though we left our Hackney flat at 10:40AM this morning. It’s really annoying that it took so long – the idea of going to Italy was that you can get there really quick, but flying has become an absolute nightmare over hte last couple of years or so (and it isn’t good for the environment either! So really I should stop it).

Actually I’m quite disenchanted with the whole Italy thing. First of all, I really don’t fit in with the culture here (the year here is approx. 1955 AD). Being a futurehead doesn’t help. Secondly, it’s simply too hot here in the summer. I can’t stand extreme heat (over 40 degrees), and it’s like that for July/August. I.e. I could never live here full-time.

Anyway, we’ll be here till next Tuesday, and I’m going to try to enjoy myself and spend some romantic times with teh BF (without arguments and such). I’ll also stay away from the computer (though will blog of course).

I’m not. gonna. check. my. WRK. email. account.

I’ve taken my digital camera so I might even take/upload some pics. Other than that: sun please! relaxation! nature! and some DIY. And love (fingers crossed 😐 ).