Daily Archives: October 12, 2007

Italy Day 02: Italian Wildlife

I’ve blogged before about creepy crawlies that I’ve had to deal with (I always deal with them – my BF can’t even look at them as he’s so scared 😛 ), and here in the Italian countryside there are of course many more creepy crawlies than in a grotty council flat in the UK.

The first kind of CC I encountered here were cockroaches. They scared the shit out of me, more so than any other CC ever before or since. They really are horrible, scary creatures. And very fast 😐

Tonight though was a different type of CC – a scorpion. There are plenty of scorpions here and I don’t mind them so much, I mean they’re not poisonous or dangerous or anything. They’re are not that big either – I took a pic (see below).

In other news, today my BF killed a big toad with a strimmer. He cut its left leg off (I think) with the strimmer and quickly called me over, to get rid of the body. I got a shovel, slid it underneath the toad’s warm, soft body, and that’s when I saw the blood coming from its leg. For a second I thought I should get an axe and hack the toad’s head off, just to make sure it was indeed dead and not just horribly, finally amputated. But I didn’t.

I threw the toad down the valley.