Daily Archives: October 13, 2007

Italy Day 03: Computer Stuff :|

Last night, I set up ICS so my BF could get his Mac onto the (sl0000w) Internet here (ISDN). The great thing is that my own password-protected PC has to be started up for him to be able to get online. Thus, this morning we used the Internet first thing (before we went to the market), and when we got back from the market he wanted to go back online, but I said no.

Not out of maliciousness, but I simply REALLY disagree with going somewhere (i.e. on holiday, in the glorious Italian ‘away from it all’ countryside) and then sitting indoors at the computer, doing stuff on the Internet. What’s the point?

We weren’t able to get away from computers for good though. This afternoon, we tried installing various stuff onto our neighbours’ PCs (iTunes, Sims, etc.) and it was all more or less unsuccessful (due to reasons outwith our control). We’ll have to go back tomorrow morning 😐

I still haven’t checked my wrkmail though! Staying strong… in fact the longer I’m here, the less I think about wrk, which is good. All back to normal next week anyway.