Daily Archives: October 20, 2007

My Friend Still Owes Me 60 Quid

I’ve decided to publicly denounce my friend for not paying pack £60 that I lent him back in August. We took him down from Edinburgh with us at the end of August and he stayed for under a week. He came with no money on him whatsoever – but my BF invited him anyway, and somehow I ended up putting the money up after J. assured me that, unlike on previous occasions where it took him a year to pay back smaller amounts (£20 and £40 respectively), this time it would all be different: he would pay me back immediately once he had returned to Edinburgh (and collected his dole money).

The weeks passed and no money arrived in my account. His first excuse was that he had fallen ill straight after getting back to Edinburgh and had therefore not managed to do it. Then he asked his dad for the money (who gave it to him in cash), phoned me, and said he had the cash on him and would put it into my account the next week. That was the last time I heard from him.

Oh, another excuse he’ll come up with next time I speak to him is that his former flatmate had killed himself and there was the funeral etc. to go to, so he ‘didn’t get round to it’ as it was all too depressing.