Daily Archives: October 23, 2007

WordPress WTF; M$ F Off

Last night, when trying to post my blog in the tiny time window that I had, WP was down 😐

It’s a shame as I was quite excited about posting that Micro$oft have finally accepted that they’re in the wrong with their anti-competitive business practice that has been bugging me for ages (and that I also wrote about in my thesis).

On a different (but related) note, yesterday our neighbour J. brought round his Xbox 360, and it’s no good. It looks like a Windows OS and screams of Microsoft (I hate for instance the software’s American English spelling – hmm, might be possible to change such settings but who knows. I won’t be getting one so doesn’t really affect me that much).

I much prefer my futuristic, sexy PS3. I’ve always appreciated Sony (I guess I’m a bit of a fangirl) but their stuff is just sleeker, and more aesthetically appealing. The PS2 was a design classic and, while the PS3 doesn’t look as good, its software is very sweet. No all-obliterating blue M$ colours.

The Xbox 360 is just too much like a PC. Rave about its spec and its price as much as you want – I’m not going to convert.