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Two Girls One Cup vs. Veronica Moser

I watched 2G1C today and I found it rather harmless. This is because someone told me that the stuff they’re eating etc. is actually chocolate ice cream. It all makes much more sense now. I mean, the massive poo that comes out of the woman’s bottom doesn’t look real at all. It is most likely some kind of edible substance, e.g. chocolate ice cream, that was put up there a few minutes before the shot.

Even the way it’s filmed, and the whole ‘story behind it’ (How it all started; on the website) points to the same conclusion. It’s quite clever, but trust me, it’s not real.

What is real, on the other hand, is Veronica Moser:


Born in Austria, Veronica Moser worked as a secretary, then a model and, in 1987, started appearing in coprophilial pornographic movies. She is one of the most popular such actresses in the world, renowned for her enthusiasm and deft consumption of feces.

Initially reluctant to perform coprophilial sex, Moser trained herself to enjoy it by eating her own feces daily.

She’s got a website (URL is her own name dot com – please don’t look at it if you’re squeamish!) and there are pics on there where you can see the real thing. It looks different to 2G1C.

BTW I feel great empathy for Ms Moser and sincerely hope this kind of work hasn’t damaged her too much. As a feminist, it really makes me sad when women humiliate and denigrade themselves to please and pleasure men (and don’t tell me ‘it’s her own choice’ – I’m sure that no one would actively choose a career like that).

According to Wikipedia, Ms Moser retired from ‘scat porn’ in the latter half of 2007.

Don’t Give Your Email Out to Webculture-Illiterate People

A day ago, I got an email about our ‘Abi-Treffen’ (= high-school reunion) which is apparently to take place next year. I had forwarded my email address to a person who was meant to organise it, and what she’s fucking done is sent an email about it with everyone’s email address in the fucking CC field!

Great. Now all these people know my email address. I think it’s completely against Netiquette and should be illegal.

They should all have been in BCC…

My Car is Fucked For Good

I put my Renault in for MOT on Tuesday, and yesterday they phoned me telling me that it’s totally fucked. I.e. absolutely no point in getting it fixed up AT ALL.

Thus, I’m currently without MOT and without insurance. I still need to drive up to Scotland somehow, in a couple of weeks’ time!

It’s annoying as I really love my car – I call it the ‘white knight’, and it has served me well over the last few years. I don’t want to buy a new car either – I don’t need one. It’s just nice to have one, to go shopping in occasionally etc.

Why Fan-sumerism May Work

Facebook pages have been around for a wee while now (since the beginning of November, I think). I noticed recently that they’ve started pushing this feature a bit more on FB itself: When logging on today, I noticed the following message:


I promply searched for one of my favourite bands and to my delight discovered they have set up a page, so I quickly became their fan 🙂

While Facebook now also have other what they call ‘business solutions’, including Social Ads, the aforementioned Pages, Beacon, Insight, Platform, and Polls (all listed in tabs under the first link to Pages), it is pages that I’m currently most interested in. Jeremiah Owyang wrote when pages first launched:

Going beyond just profile matching of advertisements, Facebook allows consumers to self-identify with brands and becoming fans. In turn, brands can use these “Fan-Sumers” as endorsers to their own trusted networks, resulting in trusted word-of-mouth.

I don’t think this is particularly new though. We’ve always liked to wear certain brands, thus identifying and endorsing them, so how there’s a big fucking hoo-ha about this I don’t know. Even when I was as young as 10 (in the 80s), I wanted adidas Allround-trainers, or KangaROOS trainers, and not the cheap and nasty ones (not even Pumas would do – they were for losers).

Thus, ‘fan-sumerism’ may work because it’s just the same as it’s always been: We’re proud to wear our brands, and feel happier and more fulfilled because of it – only this time round, we’re wearing our Allround-trainers and our Ramones/Punks not dead/Sid Vicious – shirts digitally.

How to Go Viral (2G1C)

It’s very difficult for an online video to go viral these days. Here are two ways of doing so:

  1. Deploy various conscious strategies (as explained here: The Secret Strategies Behind Many ‘Viral’ Videos)
  2. Create a video so horrible, disgusting, and unwatchable, that it’s a genuine watercooler moment (as can be seen here: Two Girls One Cup – click at your own peril).

I’m quite intrigued by the former, but even more by the latter. I’m actually pretty unshockable so I’m going to watch it some time this week, and see what happens to me.

Actually, I should watch it while filming myself doing so, then uploading it to youtube. This is the current ‘craze’ and, as an online specialist, I like participating in shit like that (excuse the pun 😛 )