Daily Archives: December 5, 2007

I’ve finally succumbed to Google Toolbar

Yes, I’ve finally done it. While some may be surprised that I haven’t used it until now (well, other than the search box), there’s a reason behind it: I usually try to keep away from any add-ons, plug-ins, extensions, freeware, optimisers and such unless I feel they’re absolutely necessary.

The other day, though, I started looking into a quick and easy way to assess the influence of web sites (influence as in: readership; opinion-forming). Until now, I’ve been using a mixture of technorati authority and alexa ranking, and I thought that Google PageRank would be much quicker, at least for a first impression.

Since it comes with Google Toolbar, I just reinstalled it and then manually added the PageRank – icon to my toolbar. It’s quite neat, and, while I don’t trust their algorithms 100% (I mean my blog has a rank of 5/10 which strikes me as quite high, too high perhaps!*), it’ll make assessing the influence a of a website (be it a blog or a site) much easier.

* Though I have now had over 400000 hits w00t