Daily Archives: December 25, 2007

lenina is addicted

Over the last few days, I’ve been playing Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction constantly. Instead of watching shitty Xmas TV (well, apart from the obligatory Eastenders – Stacey’s and Max’ affair is finally revealed; Dr. Who – guest starring Kylie, the nation’s darling :S , and Mr & Mrs Smith on Film 4 – mediocre star-vehicle that at one point puts Angelina in dominatrix – gear – undoubtedly entertaining for elberry), I’ve just been progressing swiftly on this extremely pleasurable and entertaining game.

I really am a very casual gamer – up until this point, I hadn’t played my PS3 yet, even though I’ve had it since July, purely because there were no games out on it that interested me. I probably haven’t played my PS2 in over a year, and on the PSP I have been playing Breath of Fire III, but again haven’t in fact touched the handheld in about 2 months.

There isn’t normally time in my life to just indulge in wasting time, which is what gaming essentially is. A glorious waste of time, but entertainingly so. A definite alternative to watching TV, though gaming will never take on the importance or relevance of reading (incidentally, the story of most games is appallingly poor).

However, games vs. shitty TV and mainstream Hollywood yawners = games win every time 😛