Check out the RSS feeds my Friend Reads (Privacy WTF)

The shocking news has come to my attention that Google Reader has now started invading our privacy. If you’ve got Google Reader, you can now see all your friends’ feeds (without their knowing this is the case). Sneak out what interests your friends have, whether they subscribe to any dodgy, illegal feeds – no worries as they won’t realise you’re spying on them!

I just tried getting rid of my Goolge Reader but it doesn’t seem to be possible. Thus, the only alternative was to simply unsubscribe all of my feeds.

Good-bye Google Reader. Pic below: Guess the friend by their feed 😛


5 thoughts on “Check out the RSS feeds my Friend Reads (Privacy WTF)

  1. you might be able to remove google reader via a little program called Your uninstaller, there is a free trial online 🙂

  2. Eeew! I was surprised to find that i do have shared items on my reader – I cannot remember to ever have actively shared it. I use Google Reader online only, do you have it as an application?

    Anyhow, would it help not to have any friends?

  3. Ok, I unshared the one item that was miraculously shared.

    What’s really annoying: “Friends” includes everyone on your contact list (wtf?) To get rid of a friend, you need to delete their contact! (WTWTWTF?)

    Removing a friend

    To remove a friend from your list, delete them from your Gmail contacts:

    1. Open your Contacts list by clicking Contacts on the left side of any Gmail page.
    2. Select the contact you’d like to remove.
    3. Click Delete Contact at the top of the page.
    4. Click OK.

    Note: The friends feature in Reader is experimental and subject to change.

  4. yep, I know… I only used GoogleReader online and as application within my iGoogle. Might be worth trying out Bloglines – I certainly won’t be using GoogleReader until they’ve sorted out their mess and create a Privacy button that I can just switch on.

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