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The Battleship Potemkin – Free DVD

In this Saturday’s The Guardian – paper they’re giving away a free DVD of Battleship Potemkin!

Anyone outside the UK wanting one, just let me know and I’ll buy a copy of the paper for you, and can post the DVD.

BTW when checking on YouTube just now to embed a video of the film, I found out that Arcade Fire are using footage of the film in their video for Intervention. Interesting!

Anyhow, here’s a clip from the original film (not the Arcade Fire vid..):

lenina loves Beethoven

I’ve been listening to Beethoven for the last week or two, and really really enjoying it.

I can’t remember what the pieces are called (they’re on my laptop at work and I listen to it while working). One of them is Sonata No. 14, and googling it just now I found a great site where you can listen to it. Well, not only to Beethoven, but also all sorts of other composers which is great! I tried embedding it into my blog but it wouldn’t work – so you have to go to the site yourselves.

/me thinks she’s turning into an old biddy.

Plans for 2008 (i.)

Out of the list of things to achieve in 2008, which was:

  • move back up to Edinburgh (by mid-2008 the latest)
  • sell Italy-house (by autumn 2008)
  • get a cat
  • start MA in Translation (Sept 08)
  • buy a 52″ or bigger high-end HD TV

I’ve now achieved the first one – I’m moving back up to Edinburgh in a few weeks’ time. I have a new job and signed the contract today.

I don’t want to reveal what it is I’ll be doing – but it’s related to what I’m currently doing and is something I’m really passionate about!

It’s great news anyway – and I’m very excited.

This is What A Scotsman Looks Like

Earlier, a Scotsman won Big Brother – Celebrity Highjack. I haven’t blogged about the show as it was tucked away on E4, and no one really seemed to follow it (I did a little bit).

In terms of viewing figures etc., the show was probably a failure (similar to Space Cadets, which I also really liked).  The reason it worked for me was that the housemates chosen already had ‘talent’ and were successful in their own right before entering the house; thus, there was not one desperate fame wannabe that the regular show attracts these days (the BBC also calls the show ‘a secret success‘).

Either way, the point of this post is to show my readers what a Scotsman looks like – for it is a Scotsman, John, that won the show:

Campaign to get Edinburgh onto Monopoly Board!


Get Edinburgh onto the new world-wide edition of the Monopoly Board


Vote for Edinburgh here


28th February 2008


Edinburgh bids for world Monopoly (link)

Is Edinburgh world class? (link)

PS: Edinburgh shockingly did not get a place on the UK-edition of the Monopoly board:

Dundee and Cardiff are the only Scottish and Welsh cities to appear on the Monopoly Here and Now UK edition made by toy firm Hasbro

(see here)

Thus, it must get a place on the world-wide one!