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Today I’ve been cancelling Sky and I also downgraded my BT Total Broadband to Option 1. It means that in Edinburgh I’ll now have a download limit of 5GB per month – I think this will be fine for a while, as I don’t DL that much at all and I’ve not really been taking advantage of my unlimited downloads.

While downgrading BT was pretty straight-forward, cancelling Sky is not as easy. I had looked into it a while ago as I really wanted to get rid of it; however, there is no option to just ‘tick a box’ or some such on my online Sky account. Instead, I had to research how to cancel Sky as Sky themselves are very careful *not* to include such information on their website (or at least no obvious, easy information and procedure. C****).

Anyhow, here are a couple of links explaining how to do it and thus escape from evil Murdoch’s digital embrace:

Apparently, this method works – even though afterwards they bombard you with junk mail begging you to come back to them. Well, I ain’t coming back. Ever. It was a mistake in the first place and only meant as a test – but unfortunately we didn’t cancel on time within the 30-days cool-off period, so they had us by the balls for 12 bl00dy months!

Useless rubbish. Get. Rid.

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  1. Not the only company who tries to make it difficult for customers to cancel their services by hiding or even not including such options on their websites. Try to get rid of your Austrian Telekom landline – they don’t even have the form online, so you need to call their hotline and ask them that they MAIL (!) the form to you. But you need to proactively ask them to get you the form – they won’t offer it. And even though it’s just an ordinary landline, you have to cancel one month in advance, and that in calendar months.

    I wonder why there are still companies who are unable to see that this RUINS their reputation. A customer that wants to leave does so because he is either not happy with the service or thinks that he can get a service better suited to serve his needs elsewhere.

    If such a customer experiences that the company he isn’t happy with is trying to make it EXTRA difficult for him or her to leave, is going to get an even worse impression of the company – I was FURIOUS and made a vow to never ever going to custom them again. And I’ll stick to that vow, even though I meanwhile know a few people working there.

    1. I tried to cancel sky-they keep ypu on their expensive premium line phone for ages before you get to someone. Then I was was told to phone the next day , I was a day too early!!!
      Next day rang up, keyed in my telephone number then a robot answered they were too busy. I could not get through after that.
      I filled in 4 of their on line forms, no reply. Cancelled my direct- immediately a letter demands a months payment, or I would incur further costs.
      I have since sent a cancellation letter to their so called “Customer Services” No reply yet.
      I have written to The Sunday Posy Magazine and my local paper about this. “Wot A Carry On” There must be a lot of people like me out there.

  2. Used the form described on the Christian site.
    Got an automated response.
    rang sky on an 0800 number I found on Saynoto0870 and on second attempt spoke to an adviser who said they had processed my request for cancellation – but not told me. I expect to be turned off on Sept 26th…..

  3. Although there is some good advice on the Xtian site (for ex. the Sky+ box will work as a Freeview box if you take the Sky card out!), I found that you do now need to cancel by phone. I wrote to Sky cancelling my subscription on 13 July then phoned them on 3 August as I hadn’t had an acknowledgement. I was told that cancelling by letter is no longer allowed and that my account would be closed down as from 2 September (i.e. one month from the phone call).

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