Bathroom Refresh

My bathroom, which looks like an 80s sauna (the previous tenant just put wood cladding on the walls and the ceiling, and dirty red carpet on the floor), is currently undergoing a revamp/refresh.

A combination of seeing my former boss’ white house, and the fact that a friend is coming to visit next week, gave me the focus needed to do something about my ‘sauna’.

I’ve been painting the lower half of the wood cladding white (finished at 1AM this morning…) and either some evening this week, or at the week-end, I’m going to buy a bath mat and a white bathroom shelf from IKEA (I tried Argos online first, but their stuff is mostly crap).

To finish off, I’ll put up a couple of white mirrors, and a huge Matthew Barney poster in a white frame. Now that’s scary 😛