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lenina no longer watches TV

Toshiba sales support...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Yes, a heading that says it all. I think I’ve blogged last week about my big TV (42″ rear projection Toshiba) no longer working properly. Well, up until a week or so ago I still managed to switch it on occasionally. My TV habits were to watch the news after work and to then leave it on and see what else was on (I didn’t have Sky or anything, just Freeview).

However, it now no longer works at all. Of course, I’ve had a number of things breaking down over the last weeks: washing machine, car, and this is just naturally the next thing.

It pleases me to say though that I don’t really miss watching TV. When it’s not there, it’s not there. I think I’ve become quite stoic about things generally (= a sign of maturity), by that I don’t mean that I’m indifferent, but that I follow logic and reason, and I am calm about whatever happens – “Stoic apatheia is rather the maintenance of equanimity in the face of life’s highs and lows – getting carried away by neither”.

Since I’ve been without the TV, I’ve also become happier (I think). I.e. no longer polluted by the shit it feeds me, allowing my mind to rest and do stuff by itself rather than being constantly noise-polluted. So I’m just going to be without a TV for a while.

I think I’ll probably get it back (have it repaired, or buy a new one) come autumn/winter. Though I could quite easily go without one (I’ve done it before – while studying in Cologne, I didn’t have a TV for about 5 years or so).

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