Daily Archives: July 5, 2008

New Car is Rattling –> Garage

In the current long list of breakdowns in lenina’s life, the new car has now joined in with a weird rattling sound whenever I drive it.

At first I feared it may be a hole in the exhaust, or something to do with the spark plugs just firing off randomly; however, after driving around and listening in, as well as asking friends, we hope it’s just someting loose i.e. not screwed on properly.

The popping/rattling seems to come from somewhere underneath the car and intensifies whenever I drive over cobbled streets. I’m just hoping it’s something that’s easily fixable. As my friend A. said, it’s either something very minor or something very major and unlikely to be in between those.

  • Minor e.g. loose exhaust
  • Major e.g. engine or exhaust system f*cked

I’m taking it to the garage on Monday. We go away with work Wed – Thur, so if I put it in Monday I may be able to pick it up Friday and not miss it too much!