Daily Archives: July 15, 2008

The Sex Appeal of Correct Spelling/Grammar

Spelling. It remains one of my fetishisms I have to say. I can’t tell you how much a well-written sentence with no grammar and spelling mistakes turns me on (I’m not kidding!). How superficial am I! The way to lenina’s heart is through language: the written word.

I have a wee rant here about an agency we work with. A few days ago, they sent through a Media Plan for me to read, and they continually spelt the plural of ‘Ad’ like this (in big fucking bold heading):


As I had to read more and more pages containing the word ‘Ad’s’, I got really angry. I mean, when I worked in an agency, I was fucking careful to write in the best, most correct English possible when sending proposals and such to clients. It’s just so careless when you don’t even run a spellchecker. I’m not saying that everyone MUST spell correctly – that would be elitist and wrong. But, people, here’s some news: there are things called spellcheckers, and you can even use them to check your spelling!

The same agency BTW spelt our brand name incorrectly for years, and no one even noticed or bothered to tell them. I mean, as an agency, working with brands, HOW ON EARTH can you not realise that your client’s brand name is actually written incorrectly?

It’s awful – I feel anal pointing all these things out. I just cannae stand this kind of thing, and I will say something. It’s simply unprofessional, and it shouldn’t happen.