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Google Maps Car Spotted in Edinburgh

The Google car, kitted out with cameras and ge...Image via Wikipedia

Yesterday I saw a real life Google Maps car with a camera on its roof in Restalrig Road, Edinburgh, at around 1.45PM. I was driving, so I couldn’t take a picture, but scouring the net I came across some pics of what it looks like (see on the right. There’s also some photos of a Google maps car being busted on Flickr  😛 ).

These cars film locations around the world for Google Street View, the idea being that users can ‘view parts of selected cities … at ground level’ (according to Wikipedia). It’ll be interesting to see if the camera on top of this Google Maps car was switched on – if yes, my car might be on it! though I’m not sure as to the value of Restalrig Road – but it was driving towards Leith Links so definitely some pretty views there.

Incidentally, I wonder what it takes to be a ‘google maps’ driver, and how these people got their jobs. Probably some students. I would be great at it – I know Edinburgh really well and I’m a good driver 😛

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