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Wee Holiday 19-22 August

I’ve taken 19-22 August off so I can have a quick break. It’s the Maximo Park gig on the 18th so it’ll be great to have the next day off! I don’t have any concrete plans and I’m not going away – I think I just want to stay in Edinburgh, enjoy the festival, and maybe go on a day trip to the Highlands (where embarrassingly, I’ve never been!).

I’ll also do some touristy thing, maybe go and see Tantallon castle, or going back up the Fife coast to St Andrews as I didn’t have time to explore St. Andrews when we were there a few weeks ago.

The one thing I’m definitely going to do is having my thistle tattoo done. In fact last week-end I went to a tattooist to talk about motive, design, location, but they were really busy and asked me to come back again on a weekday evening (which I haven’t had the chance yet to do).

The tattooist place I went to is run by Poles. I fully trust that they’re

  1. going to do a great job (precise, attention to detail, doing things properly)
  2. won’t ‘rip me off’ i.e. overcharge

Yes, these are prejudices – they have no substance anyway. I have a really rubbish, thick and scarry tattoo that was done by a German woman (it was my first one ever, ages ago), and my best one was probably done by an Italian in Camden. I’m looking forward to the thistle though and identifying a good tattooist in Edinburgh. After all, knowing me, the thistle will awaken my desire for tats again and will get me going back for more 😛

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